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About Me
      Growing up, I always knew that I would end up in computers but was relatively ignorant to computer programming until I ended up in a BASIC programming class for beginners late in my 9th grade. Even there it was clear that I was quicker than the others, and I always remained the clear and undisputed lead programmer in the class. My junior year in high school I was introduced to Java and before the end of the year I had written my own version of both Checkers and solitaire. During my senior year in high school, 3 of my six classes were programming. I was enrolled in Pascal, C++ and AP Computer Science for Java. My senior year was very busy as I busily worked to design and write my own Chess program complete with several very useful debugging tools and a complete A.I. system to back it up. Very soon after reaching a stopping point on my chess I pushed myself to work on other projects I kept myself programming no stop throughout high school all while still maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I graduated high school in 2006 earning a 5/5 of the APCS test and also receiving several distinguished programming awards including a “Career Path Completer” award and a “Best Overall Programmer” award.

      Soon after my graduation from high school, I found a job working with Visual FoxPro, which then led to me learning HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and XML and so much more about practical coding. It also taught me how an advanced database structure works, and in updating some old systems I have learned what not to in my own databases. The next logical step, combining the databases with HTML gave me enough exposure to web design and before long I had a complete site of my own written in PHP with a complete admin panel for simple database modification, or just browsing the database.

      Overall, as of fall 2009 I have accumulated over 7 years of programming experience. Three years of on the job learning DB structures and practical business models. Two years of intricate writing intricate network coding, including writing my own web and FTP servers along with. And over a year of writing code for mobile devices on the Android platform.

      Now I’m 21 and still trying master more languages and learn more concepts. I’m always trying to go one step further and learn how everything works. I am not satisfied, unless I am pushing my own boundaries into new and exiting ideas, forcing myself to learn quickly and build on past experience. Recently I've been working hard on getting some projects done for Android, but after that who knows where my passion will take me.

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