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General Apps
Hello World

     Basic applet dessigned to test your java capabilities. Starting point for most new visitors.
 Created: 2007/07/07 Last Updated: 2007/11/01   
Fresh Chat

     Basic chat application. (Work in progress)
 Created: 2007/09/30 Last Updated: 2007/10/22   

     This is a small applet I wrote when learning about recursion. The applet will begin shortly, and will load random mazes, create random start and end points, then attempt to find a path between them.
 Created: 2007/07/12 Last Updated: 2007/07/12   

     Application that visualy demonstrated how an A.I. pathplanner workes by showing all calculated paths and the shortest one to final one to the target point. This version builds a navigational graph, with Nodes and Edges on the fly and allows the user the specify the seach type to display the different results. (Work in progress)
 Created: 2007/07/25 Last Updated: 2007/08/03   

     Digital Clock.
 Created: 2007/09/10 Last Updated: 2007/09/12   

     Demonstration of some simple graphics. My first attempt at a screensaver type app. This uses multiple layered polygons to give the illusion of a moving 3D environment.
 Created: 2007/10/30 Last Updated: 2007/10/30   

     A very basic game. The sliders will move back and forth while you try try and stop them at the right time to get the highest score.
 Created: 2007/07/10 Last Updated: 2007/07/10   

     Tetris. What more do I need to say. Rotate and place the tetris blocks in an effort to clear lines and get a high score. Complete with cool pictures, sound effects, and even a high score system.
 Created: 2007/07/12 Last Updated: 2007/10/22   

     One of my very early programs. A basic version of the solitare card game. Stack cards in descending order alternating between black and red. Click on an un-flipped card to flip it over, click on the deck in the top left to fip over the next card in the deck. Complete the game by moving all the cards into the slots on the top right in ascending order starting with the Ace and sorted by suit.
 Created: 2007/07/14 Last Updated: 2007/07/14   

    My First attempt at a Bomberman type game. Run around the map, placing bombs to destroy obstacles and get powerups. (Work in progress)
 Created: 2007/07/29 Last Updated: 2007/07/29   

     Fly your spaceship through an asteroid field which is periodically traversed by flying saucers. The object of the game is to shoot and destroy asteroids and saucers while not colliding with either, or being hit by the saucers' counter-fire. (Work in progress)
 Created: 2007/07/31 Last Updated: 2007/10/04   

     Tile game where the objective is to clear all sets of 2 or more in hopes of clearing the screen and getting a high score. How many can you clear in one set?
 Created: 2007/08/30 Last Updated: 2007/09/12   

     Very similar to the original pong but with blocks instead. Move your paddle on the screen to prevent the ball from leaving he screen while tring hit and remove al the blocks on the screen. (Work in Progress)
 Created: 2007/10/22 Last Updated: 2007/10/24   
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