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Fresh Programming - Bomber by Dougie Fresh


     This was the project I started as I neared the end of my Chess program. When witting this I experimented with creating separate classes to control each major element of the game. For example, I use a CharacterController to control all characters, and I wrote it in such a way that multiple characters can exist (A.I. or user) and be handled independently but equally. I also widely used inheritance to allow the many classes to share code. Inheritance made much of the code simpler than expected and also makes the process of adding new elements very simple as any new objects just need to be children of the MapElement class. This was also the first project where I widely experimented with multithreading. This project was never completed but still remains very fun. I plan to one day implement a full A.I. system or maybe a two player mode; perhaps both simultaneously.

     F2 or CTRL+N - New Game
     F5 or CTRL+R - Refresh Applet (may reveal powerups)
     Arrow keys - Movement
     Space - Drop Bomb

     B - Increases the number of bombs you can use at one time.
     R - Increaces the range of each bomb.
     G - Ghost mode. (Curently not active)

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