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Fresh Programming - Solitaire by Dougie Fresh


     This was the first program I ever wrote that was more than a few hundred lines long (totals to be about 3000 lines). Everything was done in with just 1 process Thread and without pictures, audio, real menus, key listeners or any Swing classes. Because I didn't use pictures, each and every little emblem is drawn on the fly using just circles and lines. Notice the little details like the base of the spade or the rounded edges of the cards. Also the entire interface is completely resizeableon the fly, unfortunatly that is not evident in this applet version. I wrote this my Junior year in high school(04) during by intro to Java course, but this was not one of the assignments and I did not get any credit for doing it. However, while writing this I taught myself everything I needed to know to Ace the class.
     While writing the code I didn't have any debugger some I set up somewhat of a debug mode under Help/About. I not going to explain it further but I will say that if you click it again and choose a new game it will go away. I also wrote a small procedure that moves up all cards that can move up and called this procedure from Help/More Info. What can I say, I got lazy.
     This was written using an introductory class library called ObjectDraw., and after I reached a finishing point I moved on and my next project, this time with out ObjectDraw. This code was purposely left incomplete and does contain some bugs but most don't impede play. Overall, it's not a bad starting point for my career.

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