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Fresh Programming - Tunnel by Dougie Fresh
     Demonstration of some simple graphics. My first attempt at a screensaver type app. This uses multiple layered polygons to give the illusion of a moving 3D environment.
Version 2 - Created: 2007/10/31 Last Updated: 2007/10/31
      Demonstration 2 to show how smooth the new painting engine works. I optomised the working by creating an offscreen image to do all of the art wotk out of sight. When complete, the drawn image is painted to the screen, resulting in 1 write to the screen instead of several hundred.
Version 1 - Created: 2007/10/30 Last Updated: 2007/10/30
      Demonstration 1 to show the genral workings and the painting engine before I reworked it. Draws several concentric polygons connecting the relative endpoints to show their relationship to one another. This version is clearly flickery. I wanted to show an obvious difference between my old painting engine and my new one.
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